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Brand Introduction
Glenair, Inc., founded in 1956, is the first company specializing in the manufacture of electrical connectors. On this basis, Glenair now has 12 full range product lines that meet the needs of each interconnect device. From high reliability connectors to fiber optic devices, from line pipe systems to Micro-D assemblies, from composite housings to assembly tools, Glenair can do anything. Glenair is headquartered in California City, Glendale, is a privately-held company, its advantages include ISO 9001 process quality, full range of product lines and quick quotation and custom order "turnover", in the world's major market sales and technical support There is nothing comparable to this, and the industry's largest commercial and electrical connector accessories standing stock.
Product Series
Connector, Ethernet module, optical fiber interconnecting component, etc.
Application Areas
Communications / network transportation / automotive industry / automation, military / defense, ship / space
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