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Brand Introduction
MMB Networks - MMB Networks enables manufacturers of consumer devices and household appliances to bring their next-generation energy-aware products to market—rapidly, affordably and with less uncertainty in a new and evolving standards environment. MMB does this by providing wireless hardware, advanced software and complementary services that drastically reduce manufacturers’ development burden today and allow them to keep up with rapid changes tomorrow. Our system, RapidSE, automates the complex operations involved in setting up or connecting to a Home Area Network (HAN) utilizing the Smart Energy, Home Automation, or other proprietary profiles. RapidSE has been used in dozens of ZigBee-certified products, and MMB’s SEP 1.1 application achieved golden node status as a platform for other devices to be tested against. MMB Research was founded and incorporated in Toronto, Ontario. MMB Networks is a Toronto-based engineering firm with industry leading expertise and experience in wireless, embedded, and Smart Energy technologies. MMB’s mission is to utilize this expertise to broaden and accelerate adoption of Smart Energy technology by creating software, tools, and services that help their customers rapidly bring smart energy solutions to market.
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