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Brand Introduction
Winbond Electronics (WINBOND) was founded in September 1987, listed on the Taiwan stock exchange in 1995. Today's Winbond company specializes in integrated circuit memory for positioning, the main business include product design, technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing and customer service service wafer, committed to advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing technologies, to provide customers with special specifications of memory solution. Winbond product business group "DRAM" and "IC group" and "flash memory IC manufacturing group in the three major business groups as the core, the constant pursuit of innovation of products and technologies, to implement competitive advantage. DRAM products, with high speed and low power design technology at the core of memory, including Specialty, Mobile and DRAM launched Pseudo SRAM and Low Power SDRAM of the RAM series of products, can be widely used in consumer, communications, computer peripherals, automotive electronics and other four areas, and double data rate Graphics DRAM-GDDR the product is locked, personal computers, games and multimedia applications such as market demand for high efficiency and high speed graphics memory solutions.
Product Series
Mobile Ram, Serial NOR Flash, 1.2V Serial NOR Flash, QspiNAND Flash, High Perance QspiNAND Flash, OctalNAND Flash
Application Areas
Consumer electronics communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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Winbond Relevant Information:
Memory maker Winbond held a legal person briefing on the afternoon of February 2 and announced the revenue figures for the second half of 2017 and the whole year. Winbond said that in terms of single-quarter operation, revenue consolidated in the third quarter of 2017, including parts of Nuvoton Technologies and other subsidiaries of 12.55 billion yuan (NT, the same below), operating margin was 37%, attributable to the mother Net profit of 2.085 billion yuan, EPS 0.58 yuan. In the fourth quarter, the combined revenue of NTT Technology and other affiliates was 13.26 billion yuan, with a gross profit margin of 38%. The net profit attributable to parent company was 1.789 billion yuan, 0.49 yuan per share.
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